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  • Hello!


    I am Phyllis Reagin, Leadership Coach, founder of At The Coach's Table, a doctoral trained behaviorist, and the former leader with a Fortune 500 Entertainment/Media company.


    I am going to let you in on what I know about your leadership.


    First, you know your strengths which is what got you this far. Unfortunately, they may not be getting you where you need to go next.


    Second, you would probably say that you know your challenges. Here's what I know. There may be some things escaping you...you don't know what you don't know.


    Third, you believe that you know what other people around you think of you. Actually, that is your perception and it needs to be tested.


    Curious how I know you so well? I have coached and provided high-performance leadership strategies to thousands of Managers, Directors, Executive Producers, and Senior leaders from around the world at leading Entertainment/Media companies, Tech startups, and other demanding businesses.


    I am the sounding board, idea igniter, and perspective shaker that every leader needs for their game to be a success.


    It's your turn to elevate your leadership, master new strategies, and course correct for success. I'll show you how to make your leadership have greater meaning and impact.


    Here's To Your Success,

    Phyllis Reagin

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    The At the Coach's Table Podcast

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  • About



    & IMPACT!"

    Phyllis is a doctoral trained behaviorist and seasoned Leadership Coach who has guided leadership transformations across the globe.


    Many of her high-achieving clients rock the entertainment/media, athletic, and tech startup worlds. It is not unusual for Phyllis to advise TV Production teams with how to deal with conflict, to up level an athlete's confidence prior to an important performance, or to smooth out the chaotic culture at a high-profile startup.


    "Leadership is an amazing opportunity to leave a footprint, a legacy, and to connect to what really matters."


    "Being a Leader is not a static state" she states. "It is about constantly evolving as a point of inspiration to others and aligning to leading with impact and meaning. Too often, leaders lose sight of what makes their leadership important, introduce negative behaviors, and stop creating opportunities for their unique strengths to stand out. Leadership is an amazing opportunity to leave a footprint, a legacy, and to connect to what really matters."


    Phyllis is a big believer in resetting your mindset, beliefs, and expectations. She has developed powerful and effective mindset shifts after her personal journey through grief. At eight months pregnant, Phyllis lost her Husband to Cancer. The inner strength and confidence to reshape her life guides her coaching where she teaches leaders how to conquer challenges and discover their own resiliency.


    Phyllis is a highly sought thought leader who provides guidance about high-performance strategies, getting leaders and teams unstuck from conflict, and transforming leaders into the best versions of themselves.

    Phyllis is the shadow behind many illustrious leaders’ pivots. She powerfully challenges them to engage new behaviors and motivates them to lead with greater meaning and impact.

    Phyllis has coached leaders from ABC, Amazon, Bravo Networks, ViacomCBS, Hulu, Google, NBCUniversal, Nestle, Nickelodeon, Netflix, Paramount Studios, Sony Pictures, Spotify, Warner Bros., and many other demanding businesses.


    Phyllis brings to her clients her deep understanding of effective high-performance leadership strategies married to positive psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive reframing.


    This means helping leaders TO BE and TO DO with greater clarity, effectiveness, and impact.

    "I'm here to coach High-Achievers to Live and Lead with greater Meaning and Impact."

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