• The Impostor Syndrome Shifts Ebook

    THE Resource to Shift Out of Impostor Thinking and Feeling and Into Living a Fuller Life

    The Impostor Syndrome Shifts

    Group Coaching

    2nd Cohort LAUNCHING OCT. 23rd!

    A 6-week group coaching program designed to peel back this phenomenon, provide a new level of self-awareness, and provide powerful strategies to reframe your thoughts and regulate your emotions.

    The Impostor Syndrome Shifts

    Master Coaching

    Individual Coaching

    Delve Deeply Into the Root of Your Impostor Syndrome Thinking & Feeling, Put into Practice Powerful Strategies to Change Your Thinking and Silence Your Inner Critic

    Designed by You

    Monthly Coaching

    Each month you get to decide what you want to focus on. Pay-As-You-Go!

    Designed For and By You!

    A+List Accelerator

    Leadership Coaching

    For new and emerging leaders who are either new to leadership, growing in their current leadership role, or positioning for the next level of leadership.

    The Inclusive Leader

    Group Coaching

    A 6-week group coaching program designed for the leader who desires to lead strongly as an inclusive leader. To step into your leadership in a way that has greater meaning and impact.




    Top Leadership Coach


    Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Expert

    Phyllis Reagin

    Coaching High-Achievers

    to Lead with

    Greater Meaning & Impact



    I'm Leadership & Confidence Coach

    Phyllis Reagin

    Doctoral-trained Leadership & Confidence Coach

    Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Expert

    Media Contributor


    I have guided thousands of leadership transformations across the globe. I am the former Head of Global Diversity and Inclusion at Warner Bros. Entertainment and have led important leadership development initiatives at several healthcare organizations.

    Many of my high-achieving clients rock the entertainment/media, athletic, and tech startup worlds. It is not unusual for me to advise TV Production teams with how to deal with conflict, to up level an athlete's confidence prior to an important performance, or to smooth out the chaotic culture at a high-profile startup.




    October 2020!

    The Phyllis Reagin Talk Show

    Weekly Doses of Leadership Coaching


    The Phyllis Reagin Show brings in-the-moment leadership advice

    that will leave you feeling inspired, connected,

    and ready to take on what matters most to you.





    November 2020!

    The Phyllis Reagin Podcast


    The Phyllis Reagin Podcast brings fascinating stories

    from people of color excelling in the Entertainment/Media industry

    as they discuss how they are creating meaning and impact.




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