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How Are You Handling Challenges? Are you Close-Minded or Open-Minded?

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by Phyllis Reagin, Executive Coach & Organizational Effectiveness Expert, CSRH Consulting, LLC

Why is it that some people seem to make constant progress in their lives, while others appear to repeat the same mistakes over and over? Often, it is the way that they approach obstacles and challenges. It's the difference between being close-minded or open-minded.

Here's How To Tell Which You Are:

  • Close-minded people don't want their ideas challenged. 
  • Open-minded people find different ways of looking at things refreshing and stimulating.
  • Close-minded people make statements and rarely ask questions.Open-minded people are curious and ask questions.
  • Close-minded people block others from speaking, talk over others, and rarely listen.
  • Open-minded people are interested more in listening than speaking.
  • Close-minded people focus on being understood more than understanding others.
  • Open-minded people are stimulated by seeing through others' lenses.

If you find that you are close-minded, know that it is a mindset that can be changed. This blind spot can be eliminated by consistently slowing down your response to always saying what is on your mind, stopping your need to be right, and hearing only your thoughts. Replace these behaviors with curiosity, an openness to others' opinions and perspectives, and reflection.

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” - George Bernard Shaw

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